Meet Stefanie

Stefanie is a Pittsburgh-based 500 hour YogaWorks graduate. In addition to her YogaWorks certification, she also is certified to teach Love Your Brain friendly classes, which specialize in work with TBI survivors. 


I first began my yoga journey by looking for a low impact workout after a bicycle accident that broke my leg at the knee. Originally, I had only expected to approach yoga as another way to safely move and build strength and healing in my body. What I discovered within this journey was so much more. This practice has become inseparable from the overall way in which I live and move and have my being in this world. Yoga has become for me not only a moving meditation, but a lifestyle by which I can engage this world with a growing discovery of beauty, spaciousness, and breath. 

I am continually both humbled and inspired by this healing and life-changing power of dynamic, joyful, and intentional movement that unites body, mind, and spirit.



                         photo credit: Lydia Lange